So, XP is Dead?

A number of clients have asked us about the demise of Windows XP in April 2014. You can read our thoughts on the subject, here.

Also, New Local Number

For those who may not know, we are a local Computer, Network and Information Technology company in the north Cotswolds, operating out of Broadway, Worcestershire.  We have just recently moved all of our telephone traffic to a local number (01386 576112, in case you've not heard). 

Our main focus is small and medium sized businesses in the area needing assistance with their computer systems, websites and IT support processes.  We routinely help to integrate new technology with what is already present, get existing systems to work correctly and aide in disaster prevention and recovery.Jim Schmitz, 

Web support varies from simple website and mail system establishment to fully customised enterprise deployment and management, including PHP and ASP development.

We are a small and dedicated team that understands the priorities and concerns of each client, regardless of size or complexity.

The Permutation Company is here when you need us.